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Cabling & Bracing in Norco CA

Trees not only provide shade, beauty, and a healthy ecosystem, they can also take decades to mature.  Because of this, Roley’s Tree Care tries to preserve the trees on your property to the best of our ability.  This is where cabling and bracing come in.  Using metal bracing rods and cable, our team will create a support structure for your trees so that they continue to grow healthily and prevent any potential hazards.  

Some reasons a tree may need cabling & bracing: 

  • Limbs are split or damaged due to trauma
  • Large limbs
  • Heavy canopy due to large crops
  • Rotten areas
  • Shallow root system

What Is the Difference Between Cabling & Bracing?

Cabling is the process of applying anchors into the base of the tree’s branches or trunk and installing cabling between two spots on a tree.  Usually cabling is used to ensure a tree’s branch cannot move too far in either direction to prevent stress and breakage.  Typically more than one cable is needed in order to adequately support the tree’s branch or branch system.  It is imperative that the cabling is installed in the right places and enough tension is created to ensure a stable branch system.  

Bracing is when a metal rod is placed between branches with nuts on either side to stabilize the rod and branch or it is installed within the tree itself to strengthen a fragile branch. Bracing usually requires the use of cabling as well to thoroughly support the tree. 

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Having a weak, diseased, or uneven tree structure is not only dangerous for the tree, it’s potentially dangerous for you as well.  It’s critical to address any branch splitting as soon as possible to prevent further tree damage or cause an injury or property destruction.  You will need a professional to make sure the adequate cabling and rod system is installed to protect your tree, property, and family!  If you notice any precarious tree branches in the Norco CA area, be sure to call us today to schedule a consultation!

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