Tree Service Experts in Riverside, CA Offer Tree Trimming and Pruning

If you want to make your trees more appealing, healthier and stronger year round, then you need to prioritize regular tree trimming and pruning.

Proper tree pruning and trimming are an essential tree maintenance practice that can help you keep your tree healthy, attractive and productive.

Pruning your trees regularly can limit accidents within your home, such as sudden falling of branches which may result in personal injury and property damage.

Types Of Tree Trimming And Pruning

1. Dead Pruning 

This involves removing deadwood or limbs from dead, diseased or dying trees. Dead pruning helps improve the appearance of the tree by stimulating new growth. Removing dead branches from your tree can promote good health and minimize the risk of injury or property damage that might otherwise occur if the branches are left unattended to.

2. Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning is involved with removing weak branches to open the canopy to enhance air and light penetration into the tree. It also helps beautify the structure and appearance of your tree by removing the defected branches.

3. Crown Lifting 

This involves cutting off the lower branches of the tree crown to reduce the mass of the larger limbs. Crown lifting is usually done with the aim of removing branches that may encroach upon your house structure.

4. Crown reduction

Do you notice your garden is becoming overgrown with larger branches? That could be the sign that your tree is due for trimming.

Crown reduction involves lessening the overall height of the larger branches, especially after severe storm damage, or when branches interfere with your home or power lines. If done correctly, crown reduction allows your tree to continue to grow healthy while minimizing the risk of decaying after trimming.

Not sure of what pruning type is applicable to your tree?

Call an expert for tree inspection today.

If you need a professional tree pruning service, call the experts at Roley’s Tree Care. Roley’s Tree Care is an experienced riverside tree service that offers quality and dependable services to residents in Riverside, CA and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need general tree maintenance for your home or comprehensive commercial tree care service, you can trust the specialists at Roley’s Tree Care to get the job done right. They are licensed, insured and have dedicated arborists to give you peace of mind when on your job site.

When you are ready for a perfect tree pruning that comes with a guarantee of safety, get in touch with Roley’s Tree Care to get your free estimate. For more information, call one of their experts at 951-279-6096

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