Local Arborist Shares Tree Care Tips For The Residents Of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In many places, taking a walk down a tree-lined street is a favorite pastime of residents because of the pleasant smell and shade provided by the trees. It is quite obvious that trees are a useful part of human existence, and as such need to be properly cared for and protected. 

Tree Care Tips For Tree Owners

Caring for trees can be simple and fulfilling. It can also be difficult and stressful, it all depends on the level of knowledge of the tree owner and how that knowledge is applied. The best practice is to hand everything over to a certified arborist, but there are still a few tips that can provide some guidance:

  • Sometimes, Leave Them Alone

One of the best things that a tree owner can do for their trees is to leave them alone when it is necessary. Sometimes a little space is all they need to grow strong and healthy. Overcrowding, including parking cars under them or erecting structures close to them, can affect their root system and can cause problems for the tree.

  • Mulch and Prune Regularly

Healthy trees are those that receive prompt and regular trimming and mulching. Mulch is great for providing protection from over-watering and over-fertilizing. Mulch should be layered about 2-3 inches thick and should be spread away from the bark. Pruning is also of great benefit to trees because it spurs new growth.

  • Choose the Right Trees

Choosing the right tree to plant in the first place is the first tree care step to take. The likely size and height of the tree when it is mature should be strongly considered. Another important factor is leaf shedding, no one wants a driveway that needs constant raking every day.

Finding A Great Arborist In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Cucamonga is home to one of the best tree care experts in California. Roley’s Tree Care has the capacity to handle all your tree care needs, from simple domestic projects to huge commercial ones. They specialize in tree planting, tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, cabling and bracing, stump grinding and removal, and emergency services.

They are licensed, insured and have a group of certified arborists that will give your trees the best care possible.  You simply cannot go wrong with them handling your tree needs.

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