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Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a labor-intensive process.  Fortunately, when you need affordable tree removal in Norco CA, Roley’s Tree Care has you covered.


Tree Trimming & Prunning

Whether you want to keep your property safe from vulnerable branches or just boost your curb appeal, call Roley’s Tree Care today.


Cabling & Bracing

Using metal bracing rods & cable, our team will create a support structure for your trees so that they continue to grow healthily & prevent any potential hazards.  


Stump Grinding & Removal

Roley’s Tree Care is proud to offer complete removal and grinding services for stumps big and small. Let us make stump removal easy for you.


Emergency Services

Fallen trees and debris can cause severe damage to your home or property and require special equipment for removal.


Consulting Arborist

 Roley’s Tree Care offers professional arborist consulting services for tree related issues. Certified Arborist, Dale Roley, has decades of experience working in CA.


Tree Planting

 There are ideal times to plant new trees. Our team will be able to more specifically advise you on the best time to plant your new tree(s) depending on the type of tree. 

Tree Trimming Professional in Norco, CA

Tree trimming and pruning are two of the most important aspects of keeping your landscape looking beautiful and healthy. Trees require trimming for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic appeal, safety, and tree health. First, even in clear weather, cracked or broken limbs can be risky. They can not only fall without caution and damage landscaping or constructions, but they can also severely harm anyone in their path. Not to mention that some branches grow too large or too close to other trees, posing a threat to your ceiling and chimney. And, for a tall and magnificent tree, pruning allows it to grow fitter. Thus, allowing you to keep a clear view of the sky and your property.  The removal of hazardous branches is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional tree service to prune your trees. When dead branches fall during a storm, they can cause significant damage. Furthermore, dead branches that loom over your roof, power lines, or driveway all year can cause structural damage and major inconvenience for you and your family.

Appropriate trimming should be imperceptible to the untrained eye while improving the beauty of your trees. Dave Roley, our tree trimmer, is a certified arborist, so you can be confident that your property is in good hands. A certified arborist is an expert in the field, with vast knowledge of plant and tree care as well as relevant technical problems. More importantly, in order to be certified, he or she must pass a series of lengthy and tedious exams that demonstrate a broad basis of tree-related knowledge. Tree trimming has numerous advantages, including significantly improving the appearance, wellness, security, and value of your property. Furthermore, proper tree trimming reduces leaf waste while increasing safety and reducing hazards. 

Whether you want to beautify your yard or prepare for a winter storm, proper tree maintenance necessitates the use of a professional to ensure the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. Our arborists can identify structural issues, disease, decay, vulnerable hanging branches, or death and make recommendations based on their findings.  Our expert tree trimmer is well-trained and equipped with the necessary skills and safety equipment to safely manage your trees and shrubs. So, whether you need to remove dead branches or simply clean up the look of your property, Roley’s Tree Care in Norco, CA has you covered.

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Our customers have consistently rated us highly for the services we provide for them.

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We happily provide a free quote for your tree service needs.


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We provide top-notch service at an affordable price in line with other tree service companies in the area. 


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Roley’s prides itself on safety and integrity. Our team is licensed and insured.


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Your satisfaction is our top priority & we promise to put the utmost care into both your trees & surrounding property!


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We believe your entire experience with Roley’s should be amazing, and that starts with friendly customer support!


See what our customers have to Say

Jane Henson


Have used this service for 20 years. I found the entire process professional and thorough. There was a very large tree near a fence, They did a good job removing trimmings from both yards. My most precious and challenging trees were beautifully done, removals were complete as agreed and they cleaned up well. They did a good job on other less challenging tasks as well. I received good advice and small acts of helpfulness. I will continue to use this service.

Jesse S.

Highly Recommended!

Needed a large palm in my backyard removed because it was growing into and damaging my fence. Contacted Roley's and was happy to learn they are licensed and insured. Dale, a certified arborist, came out as scheduled and quoted me a great price, not only for the tree removal but also for the fence repair.
His crew arrived on time, were professional and not only did a great cleanup of my yard but cleared my neighbor's yard of debris also.
Would highly recommend Roley's.

Barbara F.

Amazing Job!

They did an amazing job on our Palm Trees and did a great cleanup job. I couldn't have asked for better. I'd hire guy's again in a second and I will recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you for great service.


Legitimate Tree Experts!

A truly legitimate licensed and insured tree service; not just some inexperienced un-knowledgeable guys that you shouldn't trust your trees with. Dale is a certified Arborist and employs a skilled crew of legitimate tree experts.

Carol B. 

Best Experience!

They showed up on time, reviewed what was expected, came and got me when they had questions to be sure what I wanted done in certain areas of the yard. They let me know it would run into another day and what to expect. They cleaned up the mess and left ! Best experience I've had with yard cleanup and trimming of trees. Andrew the supervisor did a great job keeping things on task!

Ben B. 

Reasonably Priced!

Dale was professional and very quick with a quote and also performing the work needed. Reasonably priced.

Ralph R.

Very Pleasant!

Dale and crew trimmed two Chinese Elms and one California Pepper. The were on time and did an excellent job of trimming and cleaning up. Dale and crew all had very pleasant personalities and a can do attitude. I would definitely recommend him to my colleagues.

Judy R.

Highly Recommend!

We hired Roley's Tree service to remove two 25 year old ficus trees. One of the trees root system had engulfed our gas meter and line which worried us for safety issues. Dale provided us with a team of knowledgable professionals and completed our job in a timely matter. I would use their services again and highly recommend them.

Yasmin F.


We have a new, large lot with old trees and felt a tad clueless. Dale came out, sketched what we had and where and helped guide us in he right direction as to their care.

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More Than Just Tree Care; We Can Provide All of Your Tree Service & Certified Arborist Needs. 


More than just tree services, we can provide
all of your tree care & landscaping needs

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A Riverside County Residential & Commercial Tree Service Company – More Than Just Tree Care; We Can Provide All of Your Certified Arborist needs as well.

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A Riverside County Residential and Commercial Tree Service Company - More Than Just Tree Care; We Can Provide All of Your Tree Service & Arborist Needs.



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1488 Pacific Ave, Norco
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